Top Kentucky Derby Online Betting Sites

Take advantage of sign up bonuses for Kentucky Derby online betting for the big race offered at the top Kentucky Derby online betting sites for the 143rd annual Kentucky Oaks & Derby this Saturday, May 6th, 2017 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Top Kentucky Derby Betting Sites
Consider signing up for a new racebook wagering account so that you can take advantage of the lucrative sign up offers. Many signup bonuses for the Kentucky Derby can net you in up to $100 in free cash. There will terms and conditions, however, you may want to evaluate which promotions are best in terms of what you are trying to accomplish by betting on the Kentucky Derby.

Sign up bonuses give you the option of making guaranteed money. Some Kentucky Derby betting sites have different promotions in terms how you can get guaranteed money through sign up bonuses and track rebates, so you’ll need to evaluate them all and see what works best for your individual needs. For example, the MyBookie sportsbook has a 7% rebate and thus makes our list of one of the best Kentucky Derby online betting sites for the 143rd running of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

Betting on the Kentucky Derby online is fun. If you are able to pick the winner of this year’s race, you’ll likely be able to bank a huge profit in addition to your signup sportsbook bonuses. Don’t forget next up in the Preakness Stakes, then followed by the Belmont Stakes which will round out the 2017 Triple Crown.

The Tradition Continues Kentucky Derby Hats

One of the longest running traditions in the Kentucky Derby history is the fun topic of women’s Kentucky Derby hats. You may wonder, what is the thing with these hats and do they mean something? Today, they are just as a fact of tradition, and if you ever get to witness Kentucky Derby live, you will see that almost any woman walking through the entrance will have her own special Derby hat just for that event. And to some, that just may be an excuse to get to shopping to buy a new hat, but that is another topic of debate. What kind of hats can you get or precisely, what kind of hats you can wear to Kentucky Derby or more precisely, you are allowed to wear?

Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

There are some women that get to design their own hat, and now it is becoming a trend and if you wonder why – it’s the uniqueness. If you design or make your own hat as a DIY project, you will get a unique hat that will no one else have in the auditorium. And that is just the thing that money can’t buy, that is one of the things that local people at the Derby appreciate the most. If you just take your time, sit down and think what kind of hat can I design? You do your design and then compare it to some older hats (take an example how much the fashion has changed from the 1970s till today), and then you have a variety of different hats on heads of women that are there to watch one of the largest Kentucky events. Taking a picture which is pretty easy today will tell you just how much the history repeats itself but in another, unique way.

You probably didn’t get this idea in your head, but imagine creating a hat with all of the horses in the race for that day. That is a piece of memorabilia that will remain forever, as long as you are alive you will remember that hat for one amazing event you were on. Or, take this idea – take your row and draw horses on your hats in the order that they appear in, but them on the head. What horse wins, that person gets a free beer or a drink of his/her choice which will remain in the memory that is for sure.

Tips for Attending Kentucky Derby

In today’s post we will be providing tips for attending the Kentucky Derby to help make your visit a great one. The Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky will be all decked out in its usual pump and splendour for The Kentucky Derby on May 6, 2017 and you will want to be there to experience horse racing at its finest. Here’s is a checklist of some things to bear in mind that will help you to be better organized so that you can enjoy your trip.

1-Tickets-Make sure you have them
Tickets can be had at a price that ranges from as low as $40 depending on when you purchase it to thousands of dollars for box seats. Be reminded that General Admission tickets do not come with seats but provide visual coverage of the races on through the many strategically placed TV screens.

You can avail yourself of one of the many travel packages endorsed by the Kentucky Derby and offered by their hospitality partners. If you arrive by your own means of transportation you may face the challenge of parking. Ask around or visit some of the homes in the vicinity of the race tracks to arrange parking for a reasonable fee.

Kentucky Derby 2017 Tips

Make your lodging arrangements well in advance of your trip to avoid being stranded when all the hotels are fully booked. When travelling with a group or family, it may be feasible to arrange home rental in Louisville for the length of your stay.

You can choose to take your own food to the Kentucky Derby and the many restaurants in Louisville are only too happy to prepare for you special Kentucky Derby boxed lunches featuring local cuisine. You could also purchase meals from vendors at the Churchill Downs and enjoy the wide selection available on the grounds

It is vital that you dress in comfortable footwear suitable for walking, because the Kentucky Derby is not the kind of event where you can expect to be seated all day. You will be walking to and from the parking lots, the paddocks, the food area, and so on. A suggestion, bring a pair of flip flops or easy to wear flat shoes that you can slip on when you need to.

For sure, you will be spending money when you attend the Kentucky Derby 2017 since it you will be putting your money down on a horse that you feel will be a winner. You will also be spending money on the signature mint julep and any number of items that become necessary as your trip progresses, so be careful to work out a possible budget and then double it.

The Road to the 2017 Kentucky Derby

Today we will be recapping the road to the 2017 Kentucky Derby and a special preview of our winning picks and current Kentucky Derby online betting odds for the 143rd running of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

The Kentucky Derby is the Super Bowl of horse racing. This beloved American race will put the top 20 three year old thoroughbreds against each other for a 2 million dollar purse. Let’s look at some of the races horses have won to qualify for the Kentucky Derby in 2017.

Florida Derby: Always Dreaming
Horse racist analysts believe that Always Dreaming has the form to win the Kentucky Derby. His impressive win in the Florida Derby has earned him a spot many horse bettors wagering slips in the Kentucky Derby.

Online Betting Odds Classic Empire

Arkansas Derby: Classic Empire
Many horse racing analysts thought that Classic Empire was beginning to taper off in terms of speed and tenacity. Classic Empire struck back against his critics by impressively winning the Arkansas Derby. Could Classic Empire win the Kentucky Derby? Currently, oddsmakers have the horse listed at 5/2 betting odds online which leads all other horses.

Wood Memorial: Irish War Cry 
If you think Irish War Cry will win the Kentucky Derby, you might be rewarded with a lucrative 13/2 payout. Irish War Cry is definitely a horse you’d want to include in your trifectas and superfectas. This is a horse that can certainly go the distance and win Kentucky Derby 143.

There you have it folks, are picks for which horses are likely to win, place, and show for the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

Updated Kentucky Derby 143 Betting Odds

Latest Kentucky Derby 143 Odds

The Kentucky Derby is the top horse racing event of the year. In 2017, the Kentucky Derby will feature several horses that could take the roses at the end of the race. In fact, the odds have changed dramatically over the past few weeks. Lets take a look at some of the latest futures odds for the Kentucky Derby.

* Classic Empire 5/2
* Always Dreaming 3/1
* Gunnevera 13/2
* Irap 7/1
* Irish War Cry 15/2

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

While Classic Empire is the overall favorite, that could change come Derby Day. Always Dreaming is a horse that has practically come out of no where in terms of the Kentucky Derby standings. Gunnevera at 13/2 represents a good value if you are interested in doing a win/place/show bet.

Irap has been getting a lot of good press since winning the Bluegrass Stakes and Irish War Cry has bounced back by winning the Wood Memorial.

This latest of update of Kentucky Derby 143 top racing picks includes 5 horses that could totally win the race. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious events in all of sports. With these lucrative odds, you can afford to put several of these horses in an exotic bet in order to get a huge payoff at the end of the race.

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds for Thunder Snow

Do you plan on checking out this year’s Kentucky Derby and fixing to place a bet or two? Today we will cover why we like Thunder Snow’s chances to win the Kentucky Derby and his current Kentucky Derby online betting odds going into the First Leg of the Triple Crown.

One of the newcomers to the Kentucky Derby 143 race is Thunder Snow. Although Thunder Snow hasn’t really been in the discussion up until now, Thunder Snow has seemingly entered the top 10 of the Road to the Kentucky Derby standings.

In fact, Thunder Snow’s last win was at the UAE Derby where he narrowly inched out the 2nd place horse Epicharis. Thunder Snow will likely get his shot to bring home the Kentucky Derby championship on May 6th 2017 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky Derby Thunder Snow

When Churchill Downs hosts the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, it will truly be an international affair. In fact, horses from all around the world are expected to compete in the Kentucky Derby. This includes horses from Southern California, Japan, the Middle East and more.

The Kentucky Derby is ground zero for the world’s best horses and horse trainers. Each year, the Kentucky Derby is able to entice sports bettors all around the world to begin placing their bets on their favorite horse.

Could Thunder Snow win the Kentucky Derby in 2017? At 12/1 betting odds, Thunder Snow might be worth a wager if you feel as if this fast horse can get the job done on Derby Day.

Kentucky Derby Online Prop Bets

One of the best ways to enjoy the Kentucky Derby online is to partake in a few prop bets which you can basically do at any betting site. While many of your off track betting parlors will only feature the pari mutuel betting odds for each of the horses, online sports books are able to enhance your Kentucky Derby betting options by providing prop bets on things that could happen during the big race.

Kentucky Derby Prop Betting

A few example of the types of Kentucky Derby online prop bets for 2017 you may see are:

Will the winner of the 2017 Kentucky Derby break the record for fastest trip?

Will Todd Pletcher win the 2017 Kentucky Derby as a trainer?

Will the winner of the 2017 Kentucky Derby win by 2 or more horse lengths?

If you’ve bet on the Super Bowl, you’re probably familiar with prop betting. Since the Kentucky Derby is the Super Bowl of Horse Racing, it would only make sense that online sportsbooks begin publishing odds on events happening during the Kentucky Derby.
One of the best ways to profit on the Kentucky Derby without actually having to pick the winner of the race is begin looking for Kentucky Derby 143 prop bets online. Bovada and Bodog are known for publishing exotic odds on these types of events, so check out their sportsbook for the hottest Kentucky Derby prop bets. 

Kentucky Derby 2017 Betting Action

Is this not what you came for? On your mark, get set, get ready, go! Kentucky Derby 2017 betting action is just around the corner.

Did you know that Kentucky Derby 142 provided the second biggest day of horse racing betting action in all of the Kentucky Derby’s history?
With over $192.6 million dollars bet on the Kentucky Derby in 2016, many believe that Kentucky Derby 143 could hold the all time record.

Keep in mind, this number is what is being reported by the track. This may not take into account all of the offshore betting that occurs on the Kentucky Derby each year. Current wagering odds at the MyBookie racebook have Classic Empire as a current Kentucky Derby online betting favorite at 3 to 1 betting odds.

Kentucky Derby Betting

If the trend continues, the Kentucky Derby 143 could be the most wagered upon betting events of 2017. In fact, the Kentucky Derby could potentially breach $200M in gambling this year. If that happens, the Kentucky Derby will likely make mainstream news headlines for smashing betting records.

People love watching horse racing when the best horses are racing. In fact, betting upon the race is one of the best wagers you can make from home because you can take two minutes to watch the race and cash in your winning tickets with your online race book from your computer or mobile device.

Betting on horses is simple, fun and affordable. With bets as low as a 10 cent superfecta, you can bet in small increments and get paid a fortune if your exotic bet hits. The Kentucky Derby highlights the best horse racing and gambling action that you will see all year. 

Looking Back at the Last 3 Kentucky Derby Winners

The Kentucky Derby is one of the greatest traditions in horse racing. Many horse racing bettors have noticed a trend over the past 3 Kentucky Derbys. Many of the favorites have went on to win the race. Let’s take a look at the last 3 Kentucky Derby winners.

2016 – Nyquist

Nyquist was a big favorite going into the Kentucky Derby. With several graded wins, most of the smart money was on Nyquist to win the race. In fact, Nyquist won the Kentucky Derby in 2016 going off at 2 to 1 betting odds.

2015 – American Pharoah

In 2015, American Pharoah became the first horse in many decades to win the Triple Crown. American Pharoah won the Kentucky Derby at 2.9 to 1 betting odds.

2014 – California Chrome

How could anyone forget California Chrome. Many experts believed that California Chrome could have been a Triple Crown winner if it weren’t for a few controversial events. Chrome won the Kentucky Derby at 5-2.

Looking Back at the Last 3 Kentucky Derby Winners\

Could a Favorite Win Again in the 2017 Kentucky Derby?

If the trend stays the same, the Derby day favorite could go on to win the race. Although this year, many experts believe that the field could be wide open. Look for the horse entering the Kentucky Derby with the most momentum to be a value bet in this race.

Kentucky Derby 143 Superfecta Betting Picks

Today we are going to list out the top online racebooks for betting on the Kentucky Derby 2017 along with our Superfecta betting picks and predictions for the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

One of the best ways to make a lifechanging sum of money on Derby day is to begin betting a few superfectas. As you may know, superfecta bets only pay when you pick the first 4 horses in the exact finishing order. 

Many Kentucky Derby online racebooks will allow you to bet 10 cent superfecta boxes since you can simply pick 4 horses and as long as those four horses finish in the top 4, you win!

Kentucky Derby Superfecta Betting

You can certainly take advantage of 10 cent superfecta boxes on the 2017 Kentucky Derby. Here are a few four horse combinations that you should consider:

Mastery, Classic Empire, Tapwrit and One Liner

These four horses might be the fastest horses in the Kentucky Derby this year. If you are looking for a pure speed based superfecta pick, this 4 some might pay off huge dividends if you follow these Superfecta betting picks.

J Boys Echo, Iliad, Irish War Cry and McCraken

If you are looking for a superfecta box pick that could prove to be a life changing event, look no further than this 4 horse superfecta for the 2017 Kentucky Derby online betting.

Most of your onshore racebooks, unlike Bovada and MyBookie, will allow you to place superfecta bets. If you use an offshore race book like BetOnline or Bodog, you might be entitled to special Derby day bonuses. Best of all, you can cash out immediately with Bitcoin, making offshore racebooks a more intriguing option.