The Tradition Continues Kentucky Derby Hats

One of the longest running traditions in the Kentucky Derby history is the fun topic of women’s Kentucky Derby hats. You may wonder, what is the thing with these hats and do they mean something? Today, they are just as a fact of tradition, and if you ever get to witness Kentucky Derby live, you will see that almost any woman walking through the entrance will have her own special Derby hat just for that event. And to some, that just may be an excuse to get to shopping to buy a new hat, but that is another topic of debate. What kind of hats can you get or precisely, what kind of hats you can wear to Kentucky Derby or more precisely, you are allowed to wear?

Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

There are some women that get to design their own hat, and now it is becoming a trend and if you wonder why – it’s the uniqueness. If you design or make your own hat as a DIY project, you will get a unique hat that will no one else have in the auditorium. And that is just the thing that money can’t buy, that is one of the things that local people at the Derby appreciate the most. If you just take your time, sit down and think what kind of hat can I design? You do your design and then compare it to some older hats (take an example how much the fashion has changed from the 1970s till today), and then you have a variety of different hats on heads of women that are there to watch one of the largest Kentucky events. Taking a picture which is pretty easy today will tell you just how much the history repeats itself but in another, unique way.

You probably didn’t get this idea in your head, but imagine creating a hat with all of the horses in the race for that day. That is a piece of memorabilia that will remain forever, as long as you are alive you will remember that hat for one amazing event you were on. Or, take this idea – take your row and draw horses on your hats in the order that they appear in, but them on the head. What horse wins, that person gets a free beer or a drink of his/her choice which will remain in the memory that is for sure.

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