Kentucky Derby 2017 Betting Action

Is this not what you came for? On your mark, get set, get ready, go! Kentucky Derby 2017 betting action is just around the corner.

Did you know that Kentucky Derby 142 provided the second biggest day of horse racing betting action in all of the Kentucky Derby’s history?
With over $192.6 million dollars bet on the Kentucky Derby in 2016, many believe that Kentucky Derby 143 could hold the all time record.

Keep in mind, this number is what is being reported by the track. This may not take into account all of the offshore betting that occurs on the Kentucky Derby each year. Current wagering odds at the MyBookie racebook have Classic Empire as a current Kentucky Derby online betting favorite at 3 to 1 betting odds.

Kentucky Derby Betting

If the trend continues, the Kentucky Derby 143 could be the most wagered upon betting events of 2017. In fact, the Kentucky Derby could potentially breach $200M in gambling this year. If that happens, the Kentucky Derby will likely make mainstream news headlines for smashing betting records.

People love watching horse racing when the best horses are racing. In fact, betting upon the race is one of the best wagers you can make from home because you can take two minutes to watch the race and cash in your winning tickets with your online race book from your computer or mobile device.

Betting on horses is simple, fun and affordable. With bets as low as a 10 cent superfecta, you can bet in small increments and get paid a fortune if your exotic bet hits. The Kentucky Derby highlights the best horse racing and gambling action that you will see all year.